I first started seeing Dr. Perch more than a year ago for an acute health condition, which she treated very effectively using Homeopathy. Being very pleased with the outcome, I soon returned to her care for a more extensive work-up to address other- and more chronic- health problems, including some mental-emotional distress (mainly anxiety & depression), fatigue and recurrent skin infections. Prior to seeing Dr. Perch, my health was a bit on the roller-coaster side and even unpredictable at times; it was frustrating, to say the least. Now that I've been a patient of hers for some time, I can look back and see all the amazing progress we've been able to make in improving my health using naturopathic medicine, including homeopathy. Today I am a much happier and more productive person than I ever thought possible thanks to Dr. Perch. Seeking her care has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. (Jason R, Arizona, USA)

I have consulted many naturopaths in my search for health. I can definitely say that Dr Benita Perch is the best . She is extremely well qualified and brilliant in her diagnosis. Every time I visit her I feel safe and reassured. She is approachable ,understanding and kind. She is also very patient, empathic and listens to you carefully. Always answering your questions. Dr Perch monitors her patients closely and is available between appointments by phone. She always perseveres until she accomplishes the best results. (Jennifer, Cape Town, SA)

My 15 year old son - Callan - developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was diagnosed about a year ago. I took him from one doctor to another seeing a wide variety of allopathic, homeopathic, specialists, acupuncturists, etc. No one really made any difference and Callan's energy levels continued to decline. Then my Mom told me about Dr Perch whom she had heard talking on the radio about how she (Dr Perch) had cured herself of CFS. We went along to see her and followed her advice of taking a specific homeopathic remedy, some new supplements, following a strict diet and seeing various therapists. One year later and he has almost fully recovered! He is back at school again and successfully manages a demanding teenage schedule. Some people take years to recover from CFS and some never do! I am very grateful to Dr Perch for the compassionate way that she has helped to get Callan to regain his health again. I would highly recommend Dr Perch with her lovely relaxed manner and her understanding of her patient's needs. Best wishes for your move to Hong Kong Dr Perch and thank you for helping my boy to recover from this unusual illness. We will miss you, Heather Glass

I heard Dr Perch on a radio show and realised that her approach to Medicine and health issues was different to anything that I had experienced before. This difference in approach, lead me to make an appointment to see her on the 29th April 2010. I was suffering with various symptoms including exhaustion, sinusitis, waking up in the early hours of the morning, irritability/anxiety, lack of concentration, and motion sickness. Dr Perch diagnosed the major issue was burnout and an underperforming adrenal gland. She put me on a variety of Homeopathic and Herbal remedies that enabled me feel a lot better. Within weeks I was able to start running and get the exercise I needed to help my body cope with the daily stresses in my life. The way my body responded to the exercise indicated to me that the medication was working well and I have gone from struggling to run 2km to comfortably running 15km without walking in 9 months. It has been a year since I first saw Dr Perch and I can honestly say that a lot of my symptoms have disappeared and my quality of life has improved dramatically. I would recommend her to anyone and will continue to consult her going forward. Murray Mac Donald, Cape Town, SA

I have been suffering with endometriosis for more than six years, and after having gone through surgery and numerous different doctors I had given up. Daily life eventually became too unbearable and I found myself in Dr Perch's office. She has been the only doctor who I can honestly say has helped me. My daily pain is gone, my period pain is bearable and PMS symptoms are virtually non-existent. And amazingly, she managed to do all this in less than six months. Dr Perch has a very friendly and caring manner and always made me feel comfortable to talk opening about my symptoms and feelings. I will be forever grateful for all her help. Taryn Kohne, Cape Town, SA

After been misdiagnosed in my teens I had not seen a medical doctor for more that 10 years as I mistrusted them. I went to a few different homeopathic doctors but I did not gel / click with them. Early last year, I came across Dr. Perch's website and liked what I read and made an appointment to see her. She genuinely LISTENED to all my fears and concerns and did not "label" me as a hypochondriac like so many before. She is currently treating me for osteoporosis and various other ailments such as stress, migraines and hayfever. When chatting to Dr. Perch you can tell that she keeps up to date with the latest medicines and information, she explains your condition and the remedies suggested thoroughly to you before leaving. She addresses my concerns in a professional manner unlike some conventional doctors who always believe they are right and do not listen to their patients concerns and fears. Dr Perch takes my intuition and feelings / fears into consideration before diagnosing. I love the fact that she is a homeopath as well as a naturopath - she is exactly what I need. - Chantal

I was fortunate enough to come across Dr Benita Perch in 2010 when she became my physician. I am so saddened by her departure from South Africa and envious that Hong Kong will be receiving this amazing doctor, who has so much passion for what she does, such warmth towards her patients and such caring, such which I have doubt that I will encountered in a doctor again. She offers so much to her patients; not only her vast knowledge and understanding of Naturopathy, but also a genuine empathy towards her patients. As a doctor myself, I have higher expectations than most from my own physician, and I can truly say that it will be neigh impossible to replace Benita as my personal physician. She has conquered my eczema, kept me mentally sound and has boosted my immune system to new heights. Her care, follow up calls and genuine compassion for me restored my faith in both medicine and the healing systems that we have in place. I am so grateful. Dr C Van De Venter
Cape Town, South Africa

Not having a clue about homeopathy but having been recommended by a friend I met with Dr Perch who has subsequently had a very positive affect on my health and wellbeing. I am a happy convert...Nick, Uk/SA

Dear Benita - I just want to say a huge thank you. This might sound cliched - but I have to say: You changed my life! Physically your nutritional supplements and advice have resulted in significant (and sustained) weight loss, lowered cholesterol, more energy, reduced joint problems, healthier skin and hair - and an almost miraculous reduction in bowel problems. But even more than these 'physical' health improvements - I have been blown away by the emotional benefits of your homeopathic remedies. You have helped me through some of the hardest and most stressful months of my life - and I am not sure how I would have managed without you. You undoubtedly have great knowledge and skills in your field of work - but also above and beyond this - your kindness, compassion and attentiveness to your patients and their needs makes you a truly special doctor. I wish you all the very best for the future - BC.

I stepped onto my yellow brick road to a healthier way of life, when I made a choice to change my doctor. Eight months ago I was in despair as to my state of health. I was always tired, couldn't sleep well at night and gaining weight. The amount of money spent on my supplements was increasing, as I was taking more tablets to get through the day. After my history was noted and blood tests were done, my chronic medication was adjusted and my recovery to a healthy, more energetic state began. It is amazing that a simple mineral lacking in the body (homeopathic remedy) can cause so many unwanted symptoms. Today I sleep well, spend less on supplements and have increased energy, thanks to my visits to Dr B. Perch. Maryann Woodman, Cape Town, SA

Prior to seeing Dr Perch I was struggling for a year and a half with numerous digestive problems, the most debilitating of which was daily, effortless vomiting in the late afternoons and evenings. I had consulted many specialists, under whom I underwent numerous tests, tried many different medications and was eventually diagnosed with anxiety disorder (as I had been through a trauma 6 months before the symptoms began). I was prescribed a high dosage of anti-depressants for 4-6 months in order to address the anxiety. Although anxiety was definitely playing some type of role in my condition, I was dealing with this in my weekly therapy sessions and did not think it was the entire answer. I was vehemently against taking anti-depressants but desperation finally pushed me to agree to the meds. Needless to say, it did not relieve my symptoms. After 7 months on being on the medication I sought the help of Dr Perch. Dr Perch applied a holistic approach, acknowledging the role anxiety was playing, but also considering that the vomiting may be due to food sensitivities (exacerbated by stress etc). Dr Perch prescribed a specific homeopathic remedy, a small amount of supplements, and a very strict elimination diet in order to determine to which foods I was sensitive. The process was a challenging one but well worth it. I am now aware of which foods cause me to react in certain ways, and if I avoid those that do not agree with me I am able to keep the vomiting under control. I have been re-energized by Dr Perch, and I am now in the process of slowly weaning off the anti-depressants. Dr Perch's approach of combining conventional medical practices with alternative therapies, based on a holistic understanding of the individual is something that is lacking and desperately needed, specifically here in SA. I am grateful that I was able to find Dr Perch before she made her way to Hong Kong, and I know that SA is at a disadvantage without her but Hong Kong has no doubt gained considerably. AT, Cape Town, South Africa.

I was under the care of Dr. Perch for several months while staying In Cape Town in 2010. At the time, I was suffering from stomach pains and breathing difficulties. Dr. Perch started treatment with an extensive questionnaire. I also underwent testing for food intolerance. I was impressed with the thoroughness of her approach. She combined several liquid herbal extracts into a custom-designed solution which I took several times a day. Later she added an immune booster and a powder for gastrointestinal lining support. She also changed my diet to eliminate dairy and wheat products. It took some time, but I gradually began to feel better. Over a year and a half later, I am still on the dairy and wheat-free diet and take the same combination of products that Dr. Perch originally prescribed. I am now 72 and enjoy better health than I did 10 years ago. I feel I owe a big thank you to Dr. Perch. Yours sincerely, Roberta Sandenbergh, New York, NY.