Free 15 minute information sessions are available if you would like to meet with Dr. Perch and form a better understanding of what treatment will involve.
Initial Consultation and Homeopathic Interview:

Initial Consultation: (1 - 2 hours)

The initial consultation will include a medical intake to obtain your comprehensive health history as well as a complete physical exam. This visit is designed to help decide what further work up needs to be done to arrive at an appropriate diagnosis (or diagnoses if you have several health concerns), so that together we can choose appropriate therapies for you. Previous records/labs may be requested and additional laboratory testing may be suggested depending on your health concerns and medical history.

Homeopathic Interview: (1-3 hours)

If at the initial consultation it appears that homeopathy will be an appropriate therapy for you, we will schedule an appointment for a homeopathic interview. At this time I will obtain a more detailed history that will help provide the information necessary to prescribe an individualised homeopathic medicine for your unique case.

Follow-Up Visits:(approximately 30 minutes-1 hour)

In most chronic cases, follow up visits are scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks. This helps us to monitor progress and make appropriate changes to your care as we move forward towards restoring your health.